We're not going to lie: we're both looking for agents and publishers for our first novels (and upcoming second novels). If you are one or know one, don't be shy about getting in touch.

Ian: ianhross@yahoo.com

The Childish things is a completed 88,000 word literary novel set in a gossipy suburb outside Boston and a seaside town in Maine around the turn of the millennium. When motherless hero Connor Morffen is forced to submit to a new set of household rules, he leaves home for a questionable writing program run by a manipulative guru. Expulsion from the school and the disappearance of his kid sister pulls Connor down a twisted path of booze and mayhem, forcing him to fight through a loathsome job, an unplanned pregnancy, and the inevitable decline of his father. When he finally stumbles upon his lost sister years later, she unearths a terrible family secret, and Connor’s childhood will never look the same.

Lauren: laurenmangiaforte@gmail.com

The Boys Who Wouldn't Grow Up is a completed 110,000 word literary novel set in St Albas, a pseudo-fictional university town based on St Andrews, Scotland (alma mater of Prince William and Kate Middleton). The novel follows an international group of students in their final year of university and unfurls against the backdrop of castles, beaches, and luxurious balls and fashion shows. Giving an insider perspective on the lives of wealthy cosmopolitan millennials, the book explores 21st century concepts of class and relationships in which all the old rules about courtship are completely in flux.

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